this assignment is a multiple choice 10 question on top and 10 answer in the bottom

  • This is a multiple choice assignment ,these are the questions:
  • Martha is my therapist and she thinks that coming out to my students is important. I don’t think that is matters one way or another I am out to my family, friends, and social media. And if a student were to ask, I would be happy to address it then. However, Martha says that I should come out otherwise I am not proud of who I. am and that I am experiencing internalized homophobia. Martha is wrong in so many ways, but what is she really doing here? What term best describes what she is doing?
  • Asking a client what their goals are for coming to therapy allows the client to expose their values, expectations, and.
  • A therapist
  • Martha is at it again… she is my therapist. She has son around my age
  • Karen is a white therapist with a mixed-race client. Shanique came in today to talk about how she failed her Home Ec project partly because she doesn’t feel like she needs a class on cooking, cleaning, and home care as she wants to own businesses and not run a home.

has a son around my age. She told me during therapy to make sure that I wash my hands, brush my teeth, floss, and stuff that she might be saying to her son. What is happening here?

  • I am in love with my therapist. I love how they listen to me, hold me in high regard, and the way the light casts shadows on their face. I don’t know but something about them reminds me of my ex. What is happening here?
  • Giving advice is
  • Martha has returned!!!! I asked my therapist, Martha, if she would like to grab a cup of coffee this weekend. She politely declined and told me that we have a professional relationship that she would not want to jeopardize by creating a dual relationship with me. I kinda understand. I guess maybe she just doesn’t like me very much. The truth of why Mirtha declined is because
  • My friend sees a therapist He says that his therapist doesn’t understand the gay life. He says that his therapist asks him questions about what he means when he says “gay life “.

My friend also mentions that his therapists has a rainbow flag in his office, has a picture of some guy on his desk, which my friend, and has a lot of books on the shelf about Queer rights, HIV/AIDS Activism, Coming Out theories, and such.

Regardless of what my friend thinks, is my friend’s therapist culturally competent in regards to working with LGBT clients?

Karen’s response: “Can you tell me what it is like to have a white mother and a black father?

Is Karen’s response culturally competent since she is wanting to learn more about what it is like for Shanique to live in a biracial family?

  • A new therapist is working with a client who tells him that she is thinking about hurting herself.He knows he has very little experience with dealing with suicide and decides to take breath and says to her that he can work with her on that. He keeps asking and reflecting, and when she doesn’t respond, he asks her another questionWhen the session is over, he thanks her for her time and says that he looks forward to seeing her next week. Is this therapist doing the right thing?

Here’s the answers:

  • Not what counseling is about.
  • Transference.
  • Countertransference
  • No. The therapist should have paused the session and spoke to a supervisor, provided more space in silence after asking a question, and not allow the client to leave until a supervisor has been consulted.
  • She established a healthy boundary for the therapy.
  • Value imposition
  • No. The therapist asking questions in this case is not related to what the client is concerned about and more about what the therapist wants to know. The therapist should do their own research or ask these questions when the client is concerned about them.
  • Makes them an active role in therapy.
  • Yes. The therapist asks questions to understand the client’s particular interpretation of things and not just based on academic readings or the therapist’s own life experience.

. Should see a therapist or clinical supervisor

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