article review 280

1) in attached text book Read Ch. 9 & 10 and,provide Article Review, Please prepare paper by following below rules.

Novice Competent Proficient
Summary is 1-2 pages Points:0.4 (2.00%)

Summary is not 2 pages or is more than 2 pages. Font is smaller than 11pt.

Points:2 (10.00%)

Summary is more than two pages but less than 3.

Points:4 (20.00%)

Summary is neatly organized and is 1-2 pages.


Points:0 (0.00%)

Some paragraphs are indented and some are not. There is only one paragraph. There are large gaps between words. Spacing is not consistent.

Points:1 (5.00%)

There is a minor inconsistency in formatting.

Points:2 (10.00%)

Proper Formatting is consistent and used throughout.

Follows Guidelines

Points:1 (5.00%)

Summary mentions article and conclusion.

Points:5 (25.00%)

Summary mentions article, findings, and process but does not mention what statistical tests were used.

Points:10 (50.00%)

Summary includes the question addressed by article, data collection, the statistical test used, and the findings.


Points:0 (0.00%)

No reference to the article is provided.

Points:2 (10.00%)

Reference page is not APA style. Page is not title correctly. Reference is not punctuated correctly.

Points:4 (20.00%)

APA format is used correctly for reference page.

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