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CJ Capstone

1 Law Enforcement Policies and Investigations CHAP 3 – 4

Contemporary law enforcement agencies duties to the public still consist of investigating crimes and apprehending suspects. The purpose of the criminal investigation is to gather enough evidence to identify a suspect and support a legal arrest. How important are law enforcement policies in support of law enforcement conducting investigations?

2. Discussion Prompt #1 – Rational Choice and Crime CHAP 5-6

After many years of study, there is still no definite answers as to what compels people to commit egregious crimes.Criminologists study the nature, extent, cause, and control of criminal behavior. How does rational choice theory play a role in an offender’s decision to commit a crime? Is there another criminological theory you propose for this question?Explain in detail.

3. Discussion Prompt #2 – Crime Deterrence CHAP 5-6

The idea behind general deterrence is that potential offenders fear legal punishment, so they tend to avoid committing a crime.Specific deterrence’s view is if that threat of punishment cannot deter a potential offender from committing a crime, but that the actual punishment itself may be severe enough to prevent the offender from committing the same crime again.In our current society, which deterrent is most effective? Explain your answer.

4. External Forces on Policymaking CHAP 7-8

There are many forces influential in policymaking.Policymaking within the criminal justice system is heavily impacted by public opinion.With varying public opinion on a specific issue, our criminal justice system has an ongoing challenge to establish a sound policy.Discuss the ways policy is influenced by public opinion, as well as political, economic, legal, and ideological forces. Prepare a post detailing the extent to which you believe each of these five forces should play a role in policy formulation.

5. Discussion Prompt #1 – Juveniles as Adults? CHAP 9-10

The juvenile justice system has evolved into a parallel yet independent system of justice with its own terminology and rules of prosecution. The primary purpose of juvenile procedures is protection and treatment; with adults, the aim is to punish the guilty. Are there any circumstances in which you believe that a juvenile may be tried as adults? On what basis have you arrived at this answer?

6. Discussion Prompt #2 – After School Programs CHAP 9-10

A major preventive advantage of school for juveniles is the monitoring and social control that principals, teachers, and other school staff provide. Some juveniles are on their own after school because their parents are at work. This time period can create opportunities for crime and delinquency. After-school programs can keep children and adolescents engaged in structured, prosocial activities until their parents return from work. How important are after-school programs for at-risk youth? Provide an example of an after-school youth program that is effective in engaging children and adolescents.

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