multiple choice and essay 1

This final consists of 25% multiple choice/matching/ordering questions and 75% short essays.

The essay questions in this final are not intended to be done in one sitting and only from your head. It is designed to see if you understand the core concepts of the class by asking you to identify, describe, apply, and/or combine concepts to answer the specific question in your own words. I will not give credit for any answers I find to be directly from another source. When in doubt, look to your text for confirmation.

Because of the size of the exam, I set each question to appear one at a time, but you can use the bar at the top to navigate between questions. Be sure to save answers as you go along to make sure your work is saved. You CAN save and leave the exam and return to it later.

Consider what strategy would be most effective for you in tackling them over the course of the next several days. For some it may be starting with one question and completing it before looking at the next, for others it may be reading through all the essay topics to begin thinking about them and gathering the relevant information.If you are not clear on what the question is looking for, please ask — and be specific in your question (e.g., are you asking for this or that?) to help me understand your confusion. I will post the answers to any questions in the course for all to see.

Oh.. and one other thing… for those of you interested in the effects of meditation on productivity — try 5 min of before getting started.

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