each responses should be a minimum of at least 200 word why did the military stage a coup d etat in brazil once in power how did they rule the country briefly describe the revolutionary history of nicaragua in the twentieth century


Online Discussion 8/ Directions: Please use your textbook to answer both discussion questions. You are required to solely use your textbook. No other outside sources are required to answer the questions. The more details and examples you use to write your responses, the more points you will likely get. You are graded on the originality of your response, the depth, and critical thinking you bring to the discussion. Please remember to cite/reference your textbook accordingly Be sure responses are in your own words, and your own work. Each responses should be a minimum of at least 200 words each (it’s okay to go over the word limit).

Please submit your discussion by Friday, May 22 (10:00PM) Please include at least 1 Key Term for each response.

  • Why did the military stage a coup d’état in Brazil? Once in power, how did they rule the country?

  • Briefly describe the revolutionary history of Nicaragua in the twentieth century.

Multiple Choice Q’s:

1. Which of the following was a direct consequence of the breakup of the Soviet Union?

  • It left the United States as the world champion of capitalism and only superpower in the world of a new line of thought.
  • Russia became the world champion of communism.
  • It promoted socialism in Latin America.
  • It created a rebellion against the Russian Royalty.

2. Why was the new generation of liberals of the 1980s known as “neoliberals”?

  • They maintained the ideals of liberalism, but belonged to a new generation.
  • They proposed a new ideology.
  • They radicalized liberalism.
  • They were antiliberals.

3. In terms of economic policies, what did the neoliberals believe in?

  • in the social welfare system
  • in the expropriation of foreign-owned corporations
  • in the free market
  • in imposing high tariffs

4. What was a negative feature of neoliberalism?

  • undemocratic governments
  • unequal economic growth
  • equality
  • socialism

5. What does IMF stand for?

  • International Monetary Fund
  • Internal Monetary Fund
  • International Mothers Foundation
  • Integrated Monetary Fund

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