assignment 8 soc 101

Q.1)Deviance is basically violating the norms and values of a culture. For example, homosexuality is considered a major violation of social norms in many Muslim countries, while wife beating is largely condoned in a Muslim country like Afghanistan. But homosexuality is not considered deviance in the West, while wife beating is considered a serious crime and has serious consequences. This is how what we consider deviance makes sense in the context of culture and society. In Table 7.2 of the textbook all theories of deviance, or what triggers deviance is summarized. Go ahead and check it, and find suitable examples from the textbook for each and everyone.


Discuss the content of this video:

Deviance and Social Control YouTube

Note: Answer sor Q 1 is minimum 2 to 3 pages (exclude front and referance page).Make sure APA format. Answer for Q 2 is Maximum 300 to 400 words. I Don’t have any textbook or extra material.

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