research paper investigating racism in the work place you are not doing any research you are using sociological writings to do research on a topic 4 pg

For your topic you need to be able to answer each of these questions:

-What are the causes of the problem?
-What are the sociological explanations of the problem? Keep in mind the various theoretical perspectives. I want to see sociological theory.
-What factors (structural, cultural, interactional, political, etc.) contribute to the existence of the problem?
-What actions, on the part of society or within the power structure of society, may be able to address this problem?
-Do you think the problem can be fully solved? Why or why not?

Your paper must meet the following requirements:
-must be 4-5 pages, double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font
-must have normal sized margins

-title and reference pages do not count in pages written

-must cite at least three scholarly sources (sociologi

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