essay on what is happening to minorities people of color losing job to the covid 19 pandemic

Your essay needs to:

● Give a holistic overview of the topic

● Argue the importance of shedding light on your topic

● Analyze the ways that your sources speak about your topic

● Explain the conversation being had around your topic and the different approaches to that conversation

Your essay should have/use:

1. A strong introduction that includes:

a. Background information

b. Defined terms

c. An academic thesis statement (Topic+Claim+”so what?”)

d. Some kind of roadmap

2. PIES paragraph format for body paragraphs

3. A strong conclusion that emphasizes your “so what?”

4. MLA citation style and formatting (12pt, Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1 inch margins)

5. An interesting title Essays should be edited for surface level errors to the best of your ability. Full drafts should be 4 pages minimum, Final drafts should be 6 pages minimum. Works Cited page is not included in minimum page length.

Topic : What is happening to minorities losing their job to the COVID-19 pandemic? Why is that the most vulnerable workers are people of color? How can we help them?

Sources :

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