marketing promotion

Topic: IN-N-OUT

Time Period: 2010-present

3 pages double spaced

just links for the citation

This is a group paper so my part is on promotion only, so just write about my part. (paper attached)

Also, I have attached class power point to help you on my part (the professor told me follow the slides)

Promotion part include:

•Promotion Message

•Organizational set-up for Promotion, promotion objectives

•Promotion Methods used to reach target customers – nature & types (personal/mass selling/sales promotion/PR), strategies deployed, importance of integrated marketing communications, frequency & promotion budget, effectiveness, competitive advantage created, if any.

•Advertising programs, Sales Promotion & Publicity

•Use of social media marketing,
technology (blogs, podcasting, search engine marketing, on-line video and viral marketing), any other promotional and news releases strategies.

•Critical Success Factors in Promotion Decisions

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