research proposal abstract and slides corporate communication

1. Research Proposal

Research Title: Effective Implementation on Government Regulation Restriction on Covid-19 in Malaysia

🌍 Please refer to file “Attachment 1A Contents of proposal” to finish the proposal.

🌍 About 10 pages(Around 3500-4000 words), 12 font, New times roma, 1.5 spacing

– introduction

– problem statement

– research questions

– research objectives

– definition of keywords

– literature review

– methodology

2. Abstract

🌍 Please follow the file “GUIDELINE TO SUBMIT ABSTRACT” completely to finish the abstract base on the proposal.

1 page/ less than 250 words

3. Slides

🌍 Please use my template to finish the slide (“Template Presentation Dissertation”), base on the proposal. 15-20 slides.

PS: I need to submit the work to advisor first to get approval, so there might be some adjustment on the work. It will not be too much work, but I will make it up to you on the tips if there is after-work.

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