please write a 2 3 page essay based on the instructions i provided

Yasmin Khan’s The Great Partition deals with the rapid decolonization and partition of British India in 1947, resulting in the creation of India and Pakistan. She argues that this partition not only cleaved two territories apart but also tore societies in different directions. In an essay of 500-750 words (2-3pp double-spaced), explore the social implications at work in Khan’s book. In what ways did partition create/deepen social rifts in South Asia?

The rules: your essay should do the following:

  • begin with a thesis statement that connects the themes of memory/forgetting to Khan’s discussion of partition;
  • employ 2 sustained examples that are linked to the thesis and go into some detail;
  • use/cite both Khan and other relevant readings (D/R assigned readings, or Clark, etc); citations should appear as Chicago Manual of Style footnotes (a link to the CMS website appears below; no bibliographies or works cited pages, please).
  • include some assessment of Khan’s methodology, sources, evidence, or conclusions.

CMS Formatting Guide:

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