international business law germany portugal usa

1. The courts of which country are internationally competent to decide the case ‘Kaffee Köln International GmbH’ (KK) vs. ‘Café Coimbra Internacional Lda.’ (CC)? KK would prefer to use the competent courts in Germany. Is this possible?

2. Which law governs the agreement between CC and KK?

3.By agreeing on “DAP Kaffee Köln International GmbH (Incoterms 2010)”, which issues are dealt with in KK’s and CC’s relationship?

4. Amir Ahab (AA), who lives in Seattle, USA, has suffered severe psychological damage from drinking the bacteria-infested coffee that he had bought in a coffee shop in Seattle. He sues CC for damages at a court in Seattle. How would the judge (assuming the court in Seattle is internationally competent) determine which law governs the relationship between CC and AA?

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