week 4 assign 2

Part 1

Answer Stated Question and respond to 2 classmates

Stated Question

What are some of the issues you have with organizations using only one performance evaluation instrument for measuring employee job performance? Do you feel the 360 degree performance review is doable in your current employment? Why, or why not?

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”

Classmate 1 Jefferine

A one performance evaluation instrument is a set of general questions which may not address any specific shortcomings an employee may have. This type of evaluation only focuses on a small portion of your job responsibilities, if any, while other responsibilities aren’t addressed. It does not consider personal situations because the questions are generalized as aforementioned. Ratings are inconsistent because the reviewer may give low ratings to individual questions but give high ratings overall. The reviewer may use a small portion of the employees work to draw a general conclusion. Finally, the questions maybe be disconnected from the job description. A 360 degree performance review is doable at my current employment. I assist five attorneys, three paralegals and an analyst. Each person should have a say in my evaluation as I share hands on responsibilities with each person and they would have come to know my working habits, reliability and professionalism. Of course, each person’s response is going to be different, but they should have some input on my evaluation.

Classmate 2 Bryan

An issue with using only one performance evaluation (most likely from one’s direct supervisor) is that the supervisor may not constantly be working with the ratee. Peers, subordinates, and customers often work with the ratee more than the ratee’s supervisor. They work under different conditions, have different relationships, and different expectations than that of the supervisor. The 360-degree performance evaluation provides a more thorough rating of one’s performance that includes where the ratee believes he or she is at, along with the supervisor, peers, subordinates, and sometimes customers.

This evaluation is used in my current place of employment, law enforcement, especially as one progresses in rank. Leadership training is founded upon the 360-degree performance. One cannot fully understand areas that need to be improved upon based on a single evaluation by their supervisor. People who work for the ratee and alongside the ratee must provide feedback because they observe things that may not necessarily be observed by the supervisor. Leadership plays a vital role among law enforcement, and one must continue to grow and improve to be an effective leader.

Part 2

Answer 2 Essay questions

1.Explain the concept of the 360 degree performance evaluation. What are your thoughts on this type of evaluation? Would this work in your current place of employment? Why, or why not?

Your essay response must be a minimum of 200 words in length.

2.Analyze the job of a first time ONLINE student. What are the duties and tasks required for online classes? What KSAs (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) does an online student need to possess? What types of orientation or workshops would be beneficial to these online students to help them become successful? What additional programs would you recommend be offered by online schools for student success?

Your essay response must be a minimum of 200 words in length.

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