develop a 6 8 page reflection on your life applying the sociological imagination and using specific sociological concepts to better understand your life experiences


Reflect on your everyday experiences that relate to concepts encountered in this course. For example, have you

encountered any element of inequality in your life? Have you encountered any norms? Consider how a sociologist

would explain these experiences.

Write an essay in which you complete all of the following:

Introduction: Introduce yourself and what you plan on discussing in your paper.

Culture and Socialization: Examine the impact culture and socialization has had on your life. Include the

following when creating this section:

How did you develop a sense of self?

What agents of socialization had the biggest impact on you? How?

How has culture influenced your life?

Social Structure and Groups: Analyze the impact of social structure and groups on your life. Include the


How have various groups (primary, secondary, reference, et cetera) guided your behavior?

What statuses have you held? What roles have you played?

How have social hierarchies shaped your life choices?

Education: Explain your educational experience from a sociological perspective. In doing so, include the


What major functions has education had for you?

How has education been related to your life outcomes?

What experiences with inequality have you had in education?

Professional Field: Explain sociological issues that affect your field of study or the field you intend to study at

this point in your education. Be sure to include any social changes that may impact your field.

Technology and Media: Analyze the role technology and media have in your everyday life.

What impact have new communication technologies and social media had on your life?

What messages have the media and popular culture communicated to you?

What role has globalization played in your life?

Summary: Briefly describe your experience with this assessment.

Additional Requirements

Written communication: Develop text using organization, structure, and transitions that demonstrate

understanding of cohesion between main and subtopics. Written communication is free of errors that detract

from the overall message. Write in a professional style using references and correct grammar, usage, and


Sources: Cite at least five scholarly sources.

Length: 6–8 pages, not including title and reference pages.

Format: Include a title page and reference page. Use in text citations to cite your sources. [Example: Writing

becomes better as the child matures (Britton, Thomas, & Miller, 1996).]

Font and size: Times New Roman, 12-point.

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