policing mental health unit proposal 3

Write a 750- to 1,050-word proposal to create a mental health unit in a law enforcement unit. The unit can be a local police department. You will be developing your own unit, but can use an existing unit as a reference (be sure to cite). For example, Portland Police Bureau and the Los Angeles Police departments have mental health units. Looking at these units, build your own unit discussing why you made the decisions you made.

Your proposal will:

  • Identify a need.
  • Include organizational management, administration, and operational aspects of the unit.
  • Discuss laws that may help or hinder the unit’s work and how the unit will manage those laws.
  • Discuss staffing and costs.

I only need the


Discuss staffing and costs

and conclusion.

Word count can be 350-500

the name of our unit will be “Alpha mental health unit”

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