introduction to the humanities antigone

According to one influential theory, the three original actors in Antigone divided up the roles in the following way:

Actor A = Creon

Actor B = Antigone, Haemon, Tiresias, Eurydice

Actor C = Ismene, the Sentry, the Messenger.

Does this distribution of roles make sense to you symbolically? Never mind practical considerations (who has to be on stage when, etc.). Do the characters associated with Actor B have anything in common beyond the actor who plays them? Do the characters associated with Actor C have anything in common beyond the actor who plays them? Is there a dramatic reason why Actor A/Kreon should be alone? Is there something that connects the viewpoints associated with each actor?

This is not a reasearch paper and since the aim is for you to develop your own thoughts based on the text, any outside research you do carry out should be kept to a minimum and (ideally) restricted to reference works such as encyclopedias. All outside sources that influence your work in any way must be acknowledged in a Works Cited or Works Consulted list at the end of your paper. (“Works Consulted” lists are for sources that you looked at and borrowed ideas from, but did not directly cite when writing your paper.)

The paper should include formal opening and closing paragraphs, and should include a brief (one-paragraph) summary of Sophocles’s play. In your analytical paragraphs, quotations and paraphrases from the text should be used to support your arguments.

The paper should be prepared in accordance with the rules laid down in the MLA Style Guide (8th ed.)

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