3 journals 2 paragraphs each about yoga

5th Journal Entry:1) Can you share your mantra with me? 2) Why did you choose your mantra? 3) How did it feel?

4) Where you able to repeat and stay concentrated on your mantra? 5) What are the differences between Mantra meditation and Yoga Nidra the Deep Relaxation meditation? Send Journals.

6th Journal: Make a list of food that makes you feel light and energized. Make a second list of food that makes you tired or lethargic. Make a third list of food that makes you feel stimulated for example hot peppers may create warmth in the body. Also, a fourth list of foods from your native country that you feel are light and energized. You can also add beverages or soups to this list. We will be sharing this discussion via Zoom and talking about Sattvic, Tamasic, Rajasic foods according to the Ayurvedic yogic diet. Be prepared to share.

7th Journal: Food Meditation. Create a sit down dinner with fresh vegetables and fruits. For example; rice, beans and salad. No animal protein. Cell phones, Television’s, computer or devises not allowed. No distractions. Set your table with a knife, fork and napkins. Do a prayer of thanks for all the different kinds of foods, to the farmers, to yourself for preparing your meal. Thank your parents or, caretakers for all they give you. After you give thanks. You may begin to eat slowly. Taste every single bite. Do not talk this is a silent practice during this meal. Take your time. Again, chewing slowly, enjoying every bite. After, you are done. Clean off your table. Wash all the dishes slowly. Dry and put away. You can resume talking. Write about your experience.

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