write a formal paper response to a question about maus i maus ii or a raisin in the sun

You can choose from the one of six topics in doc, you are interested in topic to write. But you should make sure you read the novels before, because you have to mark the page number of the novel in the essay.

MAUS I, MAUS II , by Art Spiegelman

A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry


  1. Write a formal essay response: In the introduction, include the book title(s) in italics, the author’s name, and a thesis statement that is based on the question.
  2. For the body paragraphs, that is where you will have your analysis using examples and quotes from the text(s).
  3. For the conclusion, let that be guided by the end of the question. The end of the question will ask you something generalized. Respond to that end part of the question for your conclusion. This way, you do not have to come up with a conclusion on your own; it is just based upon the end of the question.
  4. In terms of quoting, for the MAUS books, just put MAUS I with the page number or MAUS II with the page number: (MAUS I 36). For the play, we’ll use author and page: (Hansberry 45).
  5. Essay will be 2-3 pages. You can go over that, but not under it.
  6. Please pay attention to the correct use of punctuation. The teacher focus on punctuation.

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