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Hi I would love if someone can help me with my paper,

I have to complete a 9 page paper for my anthropology paper: Does not have to be anything crazy amazing, Basic college level writing nothing over the top please!


Submit a research paper on any society/culture you choose. The paper should be 9 pages, double spaced in 12 pt font. Focus in on a couple of cultural patterns such as diet, lifestyle, kinship, marriage customs. Have at least 5 sources.

My Topic :

I am focusing on health/nutrition, and speaking about the factors influencing vegetarianism as well stereotypes, history, and beliefs that come along with it.

**Most Importantly** I need to relate this to culture and a specific human or set of humans! Need to show how vegetarians live their culture through eyes of real people who have been vegetarians.

**Have at least 5 CREDIBLE sources

** Please provide links to sources

**Relate topic back to anthropology and major topics that are discussed maybe ex. nature/nurture, differences in culture, etc.

** No Plagiarism**, being submitted through Turn-It In

If 6-8 Pages are possible , that is enough!

– But please provide an outline of what else I should discuss if you do not want to complete the last 3 pages

Although I am really looking for all 9 pages to be done.

I really just have a lot on my plate with finishing 3 other papers and working full time right now and would really appreciate any help I can get! 🙂

This is a link for basic info about setting up this paper:…

Needs to be submitted by May 12, 2020 at 11:59 , So if It is possible this can be sent back to me by the 11th

Thank you!

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