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Instructions: Go to the TED Talks website located at to find the speech by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor entitled “My Stroke of Insight.” The speech is 18:38 in length. Watch the speech and answer the following questions. Use this form to state your answers.

1. Identify two literalimages (you see the image with your eyes), three figurative images (images expressed in words, e.g. analogies), and one demonstrative image (image shown by hand gestures or body movement), that Dr. Taylor used to help the audience experience her stroke. (10 pts.)

2. Name at least three emotions (e.g. concern) that she experienced during the stroke and state how she described those emotions. Note, physical pain is not an emotion (10 pts.)

3. Dr. Taylor said that she “surrenders” at one point in her story. Where was she when she this happened, and what did she mean by surrendering? Describe that moment. (10 pts.)

4. What was Dr. Taylor’s message (something worth telling the world about) to her audience in this speech? What was her “stroke of insight” (an “ah-ha” moment when she discovers a very important truth)? (10 pts.)

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