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Discussion 1 ( Nav)

Important factors of the learning

I think the most important factor of the learning in this chapter is the various factors of headship. The leadership is very much mandatory for all kinds of works and running of all kinds of organizations in this world (Turner, 2019). The chapters of this week have focused massively on the various aspects of the ideal leaders like characteristics, traits, qualities of the leaders, etc. These are the crucial aspects of learning.

Worthy parts of the learning

The learning of this week is very much essential for everyone interested in the field of various aspects of proper leadership. Few chapters of this week have provided crucial overviews about the ideal and actual characteristics of the good and humble leaders. The most important thing is with the advancement of times the features of the actual leadership have also been changed. Few chapters have effectively concentrated on the changed features of leadership in the modern world.

Importance of leadership

Good leadership is essential for the betterment of business organizations and society also. The business organizations must perform CSR so that the people in the society can’t get any bad image rather get benefits from the respective organizations (Weller & Ruff, 2016). The good and honest leaders of the organizations always maintain the CSR properly and take care of all the juniors in the organizations. These aspects help the people in society by not producing any harm to them and at the same time, these activities make a good image of the organizations as well.

Leader with ‘leader-as-hero’ mindset

Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of UBER can be marked as a leader can be seen as a hero. He took over the charge of the company while it was going through a tough situation all over the world. The company was facing massive problems regarding bullying, discrimination at the workplace, etc. He sorted out all the problems after getting in the chair and valued all the employees of the organization. This activity can mark him as a humble leader. Recently he has decided to go through the process of transition for the betterment of the organization (Alba, 2019). The leaders like him promote the diversity of the employees and collaborate all of them under one roof.

Optimistic view of the leaders

The optimistic view is a major characteristic of a good leader. They always see everything optimistically. The complaints of the junior employees against them that they can’t anticipate the problematic issues are not always true. The problem of them is they always optimistically treat anything. The complaints of the juniors are partially true that positive thinking sometimes puts more pressure on them but that ultimately helps the organizations to execute anything successfully.

Valuable traits of leaders

I know the leaders who have traits like intelligence, attractive appearance, honesty, and the ultimate level of self-confidence. These are very valuable for being a good leader as these differentiate them from the others and with the help of these traits they motivate and drive the junior employees in the organizations.

My best leader

My best leader is Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the Face book. He started introducing a new social site when he was a student and worked hard for the sake of introducing a new site in the world. The result of his hard work is the present-day Face book. Hardworking has helped them acquiring credibility among the people in the world.

Discussion 2 (Mah shah)

Look through recent magazines and newspapers and identify one leader who seems to illustrate the “leader-as-hero” mindset and one who seems more typical of the humble Level 5 leader described in the text. Describe their differing characteristics. Which was easier to find?

Answer: –

Magazines and Newspapers illustrate the traditional leader to be a hero, this kind of Leader which misrepresents the whole team and has the ultimate power of decision, and most of the times the leader they represents is more like a manager than a leader, for example Steve jobs, Jobs is still being displayed as one of the greatest leaders, but in fact he was not. He was a control freak, and always pushed his team by insisting that it could and would be done, and negotiation was out of the picture. Nowadays it is hard to find this kind of leader because leader is shifting from hero to humble.

Level 5 leaders often seem shy and unpretentious and have no need to be in the spot light. They are more focused on the common goal, and the success of the team or the company than their own glory. They accept full responsibility for mistakes, poor results, or failures, but they typically give credit for successes to other people.

Tim Cook “the current CEO of Apple“ is a good example. He focuses on the success of Apple as a company, and He always give credit to his team and employees. Cook shared the keys to his leadership, which are people, strategy, and execution, he explained, “If you get those three right the world is a great place.”

It is easier to find articles about the first type “leader-as-hero” than the level 5 ones, because of what was explained above. However recently there is a shift of media coverage into showing the leaders as level 5 leaders.

The chapter suggests that optimism is an important trait for a leader, yet some employees complain that optimistic leaders create significant stress because they don’t anticipate problems and expect their subordinates to meet unreasonable goals. Do you agree? Why?

Answer: –

It is significant and I could comprehend why they feel that way however I differ on the grounds that it relies upon the pioneer and their perspective. I think good faith is a significant attribute to have on the grounds that it resembles you’re putting your subordinates on a higher platform. As a pioneer, you become familiar with your subordinates and know their qualities and shortcomings. For instance, when there’s an undertaking, you give the subordinates an assignment which they could ace their qualities yet additionally improve their shortcomings. This show idealism as an innovator in a positive manner since you’re sure they will ace their quality however confident they improve their shortcoming.

Suggest some personal traits of leaders you have known. What traits do you believe are most valuable? Why?

Answer: –

The most significant qualities for incredible pioneers to have are: inspirational mentality, viable communicator, and legitimate (Prive, 2012). The best heads carry a positive vitality to the working environment. At the point when a pioneer is sure, it inspires everybody; therefore, improving the general assurance and execution. Pioneers, for example, supervisors, need to convey productively. They have to comprehend that each word composed or verbally expressed requirements to advance generosity, convince, or advise. At the point when you are a pioneer, genuineness manufactures regard; moreover, consolidating relational abilities and trustworthiness can put a positive turn on difficulties that lie ahead. These three characteristics joined make an important pioneer.

Describe the best leader you have known. How did this leader acquire his or her capability?

Answer: –

Kobe Bryant, He was and is my current leader. He was just amazing in his leadership skills. He was such a great leader because at a young age he started playing professional basketball and won too many of championships in his career. His Mamba mentality inspired me a lot in my professional and personal life. He took on a huge responsibility to support the sports and also people who needed the help.

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