i need someone to complete an assignment 80

I need someone to complete an assignment.80%

kindly read through the instruction before you bid.

For this assignment, it’s a follow up on the Personal Response for The

Kite Runner. This will be a critical response essay. The

recommended word count is 800-1300 words.

These are the instructions for the assignment:

Step 1

Compare the transformation of two characters in your novel, relating their experience to the Essential Question you choose.

Choose one Essential Question you think is explored effectively in the novel

  • To what degree can an individual’s choices and actions influence the direction of his or her life?
  • Why is it important to be responsible to others on a personal, local, global, and digital level?
  • What does it mean to be successful, and what role does failure play?
  • How does an individual’s perspective of, and response to, a crisis define him or her?

Choose the characters whose transformations you will analyze.

Step 2

Please refer to the attached document for an outline of the assignment.

Each body paragraph must follow the format that is described in the outline. You do not need to fill out the boxes in the outline, but please follow the instructions for what is required.

Each paragraph has a specific outline to follow. For example, we must have three total points, and two pieces of supporting evidence for each.

For example, for the first body paragraph, we must describe the character before transformation

Body Paragraph #1—Character before Transformation

Introduce the character, and explain that character’s role and worldview in the text.

Describe the character at the beginning of the story, before he or she transforms.

Discuss specific evidence from the text that supports your point, always showing how the evidence proves the thesis statement.

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