2 page paper 64

Utilize the CSU Online Library to research a fire prevention program that is used to educate grade school children, high school children, young adults, or older adults. If you are involved in a specific program as an educator, you can use research from that program. Once you have found information on a program, include the following in a paper that is a minimum of two pages in length.

  • Thoroughly explain the potential social impacts the program has on the selected audience.
  • Explain how research is used in the program.
  • Explain how community risk has or has not been reduced since the program’s inception.
  • Compare and contrast cultural human behaviors that can affect fire organizations.

Follow APA formatting and guidelines. Include a title page and a reference page, but remember that they do not count toward the required two pages. Include at least three references with in-text citations. Review the rubric before you submit your research paper.

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