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Analyze drafting and signature requirements for contracts.


Molly Hanson and Jacob Hanson are planning to expand their personal sales business to allow them to sell more of their products over the Internet. They create customized placemats for celebrations. They are considering doing it all on their own. They are also considering becoming small business partners of a large company, so their items would be sold on a website similar to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, or Target. Because they are also buyers and consumers on the web, they are also curious about the buyer consumer side.

Molly and Jacob asked your law firm to give them some information about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and safe purchasing.


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Research the items below as directed. Address the answers to Attorney Herbert Block. Use the numbers to structure your answers, but do not repeat the questions. Be sure to cite each source in the body of the paper and at the end in a reference page.

  1. Identify a current article and case involving blockchain or cryptocurrency. List the topics it covers and cite it using bluebook.
  2. Research three current statutes that make electronic commerce easier for merchants. Cite them using bluebook.
  3. Identify and cite an article on safe purchasing of consumer goods and services online, and discuss it. What safety methods do you recommend after reading this article?

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