open the link to explore and document your virtual travels in an informal paper as you write about your experience consider the following

    • What is the main offering/purpose of this museum?
    • Which style/period featured by the museum appeals to you most? Why?
    • Which particular work of art did you like best? (list all credit info) Why were you drawn to this particular work?
    • How did visiting virtually instead of physically the museum and display of the art affect your experience? What were pros and cons?
    • Did you gain an understanding or make a connection to our course material, through class lecture or reading experiences, to any of the art you interacted with? (ie: did you recognize any art/artists/styles/topics covered in our class that you could learn more about?)

Write a two page, double spaced essay addressing the questions above, being sure to include the name and URL of the institution you visited.


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