influences of environment on behavior and the family system 1

Influences of Environment on Behavior and the Family System

Understanding the various influences within an environment that can impact the individual and family system is important for a Human Service Professional in determining how to provide support and intervention when assisting clients. This includes considering different theoretical framework, community resources and strengths within the present ecosystem.

Assignment Directions

For this Assignment, you will respond to questions related to the case study of Sandra Lombardino’s found on pages 685–686. Using the Unit 9 Assignment Template and the ecomap you created in Unit 8, you will summarize and evaluate the influences of the environment on Sandra’s behavior and family system.

Please address the following:

  • Provide a one-paragraph history about Sandra’s life to this point.
  • Using your textbook, define Erikson’s stage of Integrity and Despair in the Theory of Psychosocial Development.
    • Identify whether Sandra is in Integrity or Despair.
    • Explain how this transition crisis may be resolved by a HSP conducting a life review with Sandra.
  • Using Sandra’s ecomap that you created in the Unit 8 Assignment, select at least two systems (influences) in her environment that are causing the most stress and negative influence on Sandra’s behavior and decision-making.
  • Using the textbook, define Stress Theory and explain at least two recommendations a HSP could make to Sandra to help her cope with her trauma/stress that may help her meet her goal of a long life expectancy.
  • If Sandra provided consent to contact her family, do you believe that involving her adult children would positively impact her family system? Explain why or why not, using specific support from the case study.
  • What role could Sandra’s adult children play in helping Sandra cope with her trauma/stress?
  • Identify the name and contact information for one human services agency that serves older adults, which may provide assistance to Sandra and her family.
    • Provide specific detail on how this agency would help Sandra and her family with their current stressors, including describing the specific services that the agency provides.
  • Considering all you have learned in HN144, what are some best practice approaches that a human service professional could use to help a multigenerational family experiencing a negative environment?

Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, Use 6th Edition APA formatting and citation style, Assignment should be 2–3 pages

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