market discussion designing the communication platform

Introduction: There are a variety of communication platforms to reach customers. Some of the newer forms of communication include social media and mobile marketing. In addition, micromodels are used to concentrate on a consumer’s specific responses to communications.

Scenario: The UDesignCookie Company (UDC) creates cookies made to order online for shipment anywhere in the world. Customers design their own cookies with either a vanilla, chocolate or chocolate chip cookie dough as a base, and then can add any of the more than 50 condiments from various nuts to cinnamon chips to cranberries. The minimum order is two (2) dozen and the price is $50. Shipping is free. So far the company has been promoting their product via the Internet.

  • Using table 19.1 (attached) of your text, choose five of the eight communication platforms provided and explain how you would help promote UDC business while keeping the costs low, since they are a start-up company with limited resources.
  • Which micromodel on p. 563 (both examples in the attachment) would be most relevant for a new pen product? Why?

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