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1. What theoretical characteristics support the creation of the Bitcoin digital currency (Hint: Think about supply & demand, resources, human behavior, and opportunity costs)?

2. What should be the US government’s role in advancing the usage of digital currency? Is the current digital currency market structure sustainable (Hint: Competition, regulation, fairness, etc.)? Why/ why not?

3. Do you agree with the author’s belief that Bitcoin has a quasi-monopoly on the digital currency market? Why/ why not?

4. Using economic thinking and analysis, how do you see the digital currency market developing over the next five years (i.e. From 2020 going forward)? Hint: You should consider social and/or economic trends that support your perspective. How might recent economic policy changes affect Bitcoin adoption and usage going forward (Economic Stimulus Payments)?

Additional Comments The purpose of this assignment is to apply the knowledge and information that you have gained from your past experiences, class lectures, and textbook reading to clearly and concisely address the situation described and offer your recommendation. Although there is not a specific right or wrong answer, you will be evaluated on your analysis, approach to decision making, and support of your decisions. It is recommended that you read the case summary several times to thoroughly comprehend the situation and offer the best recommendation based on the information provided. You will also need to conduct additional research beyond the article to support your conclusions. The maximum submission length is 5 pages double-spaced.

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