Super market Assume some form of assistance i e Walker Crutches Patch on one eye dark glasses Wheelchair Motorized Vehicle health and medicine homework help

Assume some form of assistance (i.e. Walker, Crutches, Patch on one eye, dark glasses, Wheelchair, Motorized Vehicle, Arm in sling, or an amputee, etc.) and shop for a one month supply of groceries using the information from the assignment guidelines found in the “Supermarket Project” . Write a paper describing your feelings about this project, answering the questions from the grading criteria for the Supermarket Assignment . The grocery list will include normal items for one month including items of meat, milk, butter, eggs, pet food, personal toiletry items, house hold cleaners, paper products, fresh vegetables/fruit, bread/cereal, and personal hygiene items. You only provide prices for the benefit of writing the paper. You do not have to purchase items.

Questions to consider during shopping and writing your summary paper

1. If you can not afford everything on your list, what would you eliminate?
2. How did it make you feel?
3. Were the items you desired easily available and within your reach?
4. How long did it take you to complete your shopping?
5. If you must use public transportation what would you eliminate from your list?
6. If you must rely on someone from the community to provide transportation, would this affect
your decisions about shopping?
7. If you have a new medication that is expensive and you do not have sufficient resources to get
both medications and food supplies for one week what will you do?
8. How did these issues make you feel? What other resources are available to you?

The assignment should be in APA formatting.

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