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We had a class discussion about naturalism.Using what you learned from our initial lecture on literary naturalism as well as Donna M. Campbell’s article “Naturalism in American Literature (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.“, select two of the assigned short stories by Crane, Wharton, London, or Norris and discuss how they do (or do not) confirm to the principles and norms of naturalist fiction. Use specific evidence from the texts to back up your claim and be sure to include in-text citations in proper MLA format. Finally, you will need to selected passages and scenes that haven’t already been covered on the discussion board. that is the summary of the assignment.

my post was :Naturalistic fiction as outlined in Campbell’s article “Naturalism in American Literature” requires a short story to possess certain key elements. For example, the author in “The Open Boat” as well as the author in ”The Passing of the Cock-Eye Blacklock” can be classified as being naturalists. Both Norris and Crane are identified by the era between 1895 and 1920 (Campbell 2). When it comes to the main characteristics, the setting of Crane’s short story is the sea where a strong storm almost capsizes the small boat. The setting in Norris’ short story seems to be an urban one and this contributes to the naturalistic nature of the text. For instance, the author says “… bleared pin-points of the city after dark” which means indicates the setting of the story (1). In both Crane’s and Norris’ short stories, the characters are lower-class individuals whose lives is governed by forces of passion and instinct. When it comes to the thematic concerns, nature as an indifferent force acting on human beings is evident in the short story by Crane and this gives the story a naturalistic look. For example, “… could see the large sway the captain had on his crew members as he soothed them with reassuring words “like children” (735). In Norris’ short story, the theme is based on how forces of heredity and environment affect individuals as seen in the case of the certain characters such as Burn. Campbell believes that any author who focus on how forces of nature govern the existence of human beings is naturalistic. This is because they apply the scientific methods in their novels with detailed focus of specific objects in mind.

The two discussions posts that I would like you to reply to:

1.” I will analyze the short story of Edith Warton “The Dilettante” and Stephen Crane “The Open Boat”. Warton in his short story The Dilettante, show a naturalism feminist point of view that show a missing point on some women that people don’t want to see. Mrs. Vervain the main characters try to make sure Thursdale revealed his emotion toward Mrs Vervain. But we see that Thursdale is confronting in with his own self and that Mrs Vervain either(Warthon,6). On the contrary Stephen Crane in the Open Boat, it is a more naturalism story than Warton as he talked about some man that are in a boat at sea and try to navigate through some bad waves. It looks like people as soon as they saw the boat taught it was funny to the people on the shore to waves their hand but on the contrary they were waving for help. When he said “that ain’t a flag, is it? That’s his coat. Why, certainly that’s his coat.” That looks more like people will not come to help them but more look at them in their misery. In this case, the characters are playing an important part since they are lower-class people where their current situation are dominating everything and how human society is seen in it.

2.”Naturalism is a literary genre which uses philosophical pessimism where a writer uses scientific techniques to portray human beings as impartial characters. Environment forces govern and determine the characters’ lives (para.1). Survival, determinism, and violence are some key themes of naturalism (Campbell para. 10). Both Crane’s and London’s novels conform to the principles and norms of naturalist fiction. In Crane’s novel, environment forces govern and determine the lives of the characters with survival and determinism themes well depicted. In Crane’s The Open Boat, the author depicts men on a boat and when a huge wave hits the boat, it slams everything from these men’s view, and they believed that this wave would break the ocean. They struggled to survive in this alien environment. One of the men said, “If I am going to be drowned ….why, in the name of the seven mad gods, who rule the seven seas, was I allowed to come this far and contemplate sands and trees?” (Crane 15). This means that this man was already pessimistic about surviving and he accepts his fate since he believes his fate is already determined. This statement hence brings the theme of determinism where the fate of the character is already decided.

In London’s novel, there is man versus nature. The story is about a man with his dog. They try to survive a cold weather by making fire. London described the weather as harshly cold, “Fifty degrees below zero meant eighty-odd degrees of frost” (London 463). This man had to find a way of surviving in this harsh cold weather. For this man, life is a struggle and just fittest ones survive. Therefore, he worked “carefully from a small beginning, he soon had a roaring fire, over which he thawed the ice from his face…” (London 468). Therefore, London’s novel depicts a naturalism principle of survival for the fittest in the hostile environment. The man struggled to lit fire so that he can thaw out his face covered by ice.”

I will upload the short stories that were discussed and an article that explains that topic.

the article:…

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