the rape of lock or modest proposal or gulliver s travel assignment help

(Students are to pick one of the following task below to submit for a grade. Each task has a specific set of instructions that MUST be followed, in order to get full credit this assignment.)


The Rape of Lock Apply

For this apply, we will focus on allusion. This is one of the important tools Pope used to create the lofty, embellished tone in The Rape of Lock. We see allusions all over our media: in songs, billboards, books, comics, commercials, movies, and more. Identify three allusions to literature from the media around you. Then, choose the strongest of the three for your response.

Then, write a 100-200 word response. First, explain what an allusion is and the experience you went through of finding or noticing the illusions you found. Include these points:

Once you began looking, was it easy or difficult to find allusions to literature?

Where did you find your allusion?

What literature is the allusion referring to?


Unit 3: Mid Checkpoint Apply

Modest Proposal Apply

On pg. 558 of your textbook, you completed an activity where you prepared your own satirical speech on food stamps or unemployment benefits. Turn in your script or speech notes. (You may turn in informal bulleted notes, but I should easily be able to understand all your points.)

Click here to view eBook Reading About the Author Read page 558 (Access Code: A5B9A02E52)

Also turn in a short reflection. You should address these points:

What satirical devices did you use? (Exaggeration, understatement, etc.)

What argument did you appear to make?

What argument were you actually making? What do you actually want your reader to think as they conclude listening to your speech?

Do you think Swift would agree with your position, based on what you read in A Modest Proposal? Keep in mind what Swift says versus what he means.


Unit 3: Mid Checkpoint Apply

Gulliver’s Travels

On the After You Read section of your textbook, you responded to the box labelled “Was Swift A Misanthrope?”

This question directly relates to the focus of this lesson: making inferences about theme. Swift does not directly say what he means. That means you need to understand not only the surface level of the story he tells, but also the satirical devices he is using. This will allow you to make educated guesses about what he really means. Based on what you have read by Swift in Modest Proposal and Gulliver’s Travels, do you think he was a misanthrope? Support your response with three examples from either text.

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