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In this assignment, you will further explore the research topic that you chose in Part I of your M2 Assignment 2. Additionally, this will be the time to make any needed changes to your research question before you submit your proposal in M4 Assignment 2 RA.


Part I: Annotated Bibliography

Using University online library resources and the Internet, locate five peer-reviewed articles that could be used for the literature review portion of your RA research proposal in Module 4. Using these articles, you will produce an annotated bibliography.

In creating your annotated bibliography, make sure to do the following for each of the five articles:

  • Reference: List the source in APA style.
  • Summarize: Summarize the main thesis of the article. What are the key points offered in support of the thesis?
  • Evaluate: Evaluate if the source is useful, reliable, and relevant. Explain if the information is well balanced. Are the main points and arguments well supported? Are the sources of support scholarly, reliable, and credible?
  • Reflect: Reflect on how this article informs your own research. How will the article shape your work? Has your perspective shifted after reading this article? How? What aspects of the article will you be able to use in your study?

Each annotation should be presented in a 200- to 300-word block paragraph under the corresponding reference.

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