Unethical Visuals communications homework help

Seeing is believing, but seeing can also be deceiving. How could a visual be used unethically? Information about ethics of visuals can be found in both of this week’s readings. For your IP, describe a concrete example of where you have seen a visual used unethically, identify its audience and how the example relates to this week’s readings. In your RPs discuss how the examples might influence their audience unethically, and how you feel about the examples. Use information from the week’s assigned material to support your answer, citing and referencing as appropriate.

Must have 250-300 words

Must be APA format

Assigned Readings

  • Gurak, L. J. & Lannon, J. M. (2016). Strategies for technical communication in the workplace (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Pearson Longman. Chapter 7
  • O’Hair, D., Rubenstein, H., Stewart, R. (2016). A pocket guide to public speaking (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Bedford-St. Martin’s. Part 6

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