Historical Review of Information Warfare computer science homework help

610_Week3_Ass_Historical Review of Information Warfare

Presentation should be 9 – 11 slides

Find any historical example of information warfare, prior to the computer revolution of the 1990’s, and develop an executive PowerPoint (or similar) presentation on how the information was used to affect the outcome of a battle, a commander’s decision, the war, a treaty etc. Answer the who, what, where, when, why, and how on the topic you pick. For example how Prince Bismarck manipulated telegraphic traffic to bring about the Franco-Prussian War, or how the British used the Zimmerman telegram to maneuver the US into World War I. Your presentation should be 9 – 11 slides not to include title and reference slides.

Based on content, analytical thought applied, and proper use of formatting, spelling, and grammar. Submit your document as an attachment using the link above.

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