American History

TERMS: Eight are listed; six will be selected; five and only five must be defined . First give a basic definition. Then explain why the term is important in one paragraph, which should include: • how it arose • what it brought about • its broader historical legacies • how it reflects the major concept(s) of a weekly class unit.

1) American System

2) Daniel Shays

3) Erie Canal

4) Hartford Convention

5) Lowell System

6) Marbury v. Madison

7) Ralph Waldo Emerson

8) William Lloyd Garrison

ESSAYS: Answer two of the listed questions . For full credit, address every element of the prompt and explain and support each point with examples and details drawn from your textbook, primary sources, and/or lecture notes (there is no need to cite, however). Demonstrate your understanding, and do not list bullet points without explanation. In terms of length, write about four to five paragraphs’ worth of content—although the essay’s structure is up to you. Each essay should take twenty to twenty-five minutes.

1) The Constitutional Convention met to address the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.

A) Identify the major weaknesses of the Articles government.

B) Describe the principles of federalism and separation of powers and how they were reflected in the new government outlined by the Constitution.

C) Explain how three large social groups failed to enjoy the “liberty” that had been proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence

2) The ratification of the U.S. Constitution created a stronger national government but did not end debate about that government’s proper role.

A) Explain Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist vision for his country and his economic program as Secretary of the Treasury.

B) Outline Thomas Jefferson’s Republican response to Hamilton’s vision and program.

C) Describe how Jefferson’s triumph in the Election of 1800 marks a watershed in American political history.

3) Andrew Jackson transformed U.S. national politics as well as the executive branch.

A) Explain the political changes that predated his 1828 campaign and helped make his election possible.

B) What were President Jackson’s three chief political fights? Describe them, and explain how each illustrates his general governing philosophy.

4) Antebellum southern society cannot be uncoupled from the institution of slavery.

A) Explain the chief reasons why slavery survived after the War for Independence and indeed expanded during the first half of the nineteenth century.

B) Describe the major effects of this survival and expansion across the South.

C) Outline the rich culture of African Americans under bondage.

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