writing business plan sandel business only 6 pages


Instructions for Business Plan; Rough Draft due 10/8/15


Your group will research how to set up an online store at etsy.com.  Each student will write a Business Plan for that business, using the guidelines at the Small Business Administration site.

You will then conduct a pilot research project for your business using Qualitative Research (Chapter 7 in your textbook).  In your research, you will explore whether the business you selected would do well on etsy.com. This research project will be the subject of the Research Project paper later in the semester.

In qualitative research, you try to discover people’s motivations through techniques such as group interviews or focus groups. 


1.     Total pages: 6-7 pages + Appendix

a.      Executive Summary ¾ page (3 paragraphs)

                                               i.     The Executive Summary is a succinct overview of the whole business plan; a busy executive should be able to make a decision based on your summary.

b.     Company Description  ¾ page

c.     Market Analysis 1-1½ page

d.     Organization & Management ¾ page

e.     Service or Product Line ¾ page

f.      Marketing & Sales 1 page

g.     Funding Request  and  Financial Projections ½ page

h.     Appendix: The financial projection spreadsheet and any other supporting information.

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