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Just as some books are preserved and regarded as having had obvious effects on society (such as Lolita, Lord of the Flies, and Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984), there have been a number of films that we look back upon which have clearly had cultural resonance, or became part of a social dialogue we’re perhaps still engaged with today (see Figure 9.1 of the text).  Our text tells us that “the impact of these movies is mostly unintentional” and that there is debate about whether the movies caused a societal shift, or if a change in the culture caused the movie to be created (see page 262).

The text also says that the exact nature of this exchange “is up to you to decide.” For this Discussion, please provide detailed examples of at least two films you have seen that you feel have either influenced society, or were directly influenced from an event that we collectively experienced.

Keep in mind that some of the films listed are documentaries, and have different structures and intentions than a typical narrative film.

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