anthropology 27

Throughout the term you have learned about how science, culture and technology interact both in the field of science and how they have affected the evolution of human ancestors. For this paper I would like for you to summarize the material covered in this class, specifically on genus Homo. You will need to synthesize the materials from lecture, the textbook, movies and online resources I have posted.

In looking at the fossil record, what were the factors of genus Homo that show the interaction between environment, technology and human evolution? What major changes do you see with genus Homo? You should use Homo erectus or Homo sapiens as an example, or both. What are the things that make genus Homo human? Where do Homo sapiens neaderthalensis fit into the human picture?

Your essay should be double spaced, and 5-6 pages long, not including cited sources or cover page. There is no one correct answer, but the more you support your thoughts with examples from the text, lectures and movies, the better. Each of these questions could be a term paper in itself, so you will need to be concise and clear with your examples and explanations.

All material must be cited, either from the text (including page number), the lecture (include dates or topic), movies (include title) or from the websites I have posted as resources (list name of website). There should be no other outside resources for this paper. This paper is meant to as an opportunity to show what you have learned in class, not how well you research outside materials.

I will take points off for lack of citations and poor grammar. This is an upper division course and a take home paper. Please take the time to edit your paper. I highly recommend giving yourself enough time to do the paper that you can step away for a day and come back for edits.  It makes an enormous difference to the quality of the paper.

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