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• Course Reflection
•  Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
Throughout the course, you have been building toward the achievement of the following competencies:
• Apply critical thinking to business-related activities.
• Demonstrate the use of tools that support business management, analysis, and decision making.
• Analyze factors, issues, and ethical considerations associated with business activity.
• Communicate in a manner that is professional and consistent with expectations for members of the business professions.
For this discussion, reflect on the knowledge and skills you developed over the past six weeks. Address the following questions in your post:
• Considering the course competencies, how has your ability to perform these skills and apply this knowledge evolved?
• What concepts, skills, or insights were most relevant to you? How will you apply them to your professional work?
• What new ideas have you developed about how the MBA might apply to your career and about how you might further develop the skills you self-assessed in Unit 1?
Response Guidelines
Responses to this discussion are optional. When responding to others, provide encouraging feedback about how learners have grown over the past six weeks. If applicable, provide recommendations for how learners may continue to develop these skills and knowledge or suggest additional strategies for leveraging the knowledge gained in the course.
Note: Share only what is appropriate to share. Respect confidential information, and when writing about personal experiences, do not identify actual companies or individuals.

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