Select a real world event related to Digital Forensics.  This could be a crime, a well documented breach or intrusion, or an act of cyber warfare/espionage.

           – Provide a summary of the event

           – How was the event detected

           – What were the key pieces of digital evidence/indicators

           – What was the volume of digital evidence

           – Attribution (was the event linked to an individual/ govt. etc)

what was the digital crime, who was the subject, what digital evidence was identified during the course of the investigation,  how was the compromises linked, how did the digital evidence lead to/identify the subject, and what forensic analysis was conducted to gather all information related to the crime..

You can select any event; however you need to ensure there are sufficient sources available for producing a graduate level paper.  You should identify and cite multiple sources of information/data (journals, articles, books).  Do not submit a research paper without sources to support your position/findings. 

8 pages APA format

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