need help my psychology assignment

i need a help in my psychology homework. it’s a self reflection between1-2 pages. 



This assignment draws on your results on  the Learning Style Inventory on pages 15-16 in the required reading for class on Tuesday, 9/19, Discover your learning style ( attached below )  


1.  Describe your preferred approach to learning, and discuss how this is linked to your personality and strengths identified in earlier classes (3 points).



2. Discuss anything about your preferred learning styles or personality traits that might require special attention so that it does not become a barrier in achieving your personal development and academic goals (3 points).




3.  Identify at least two specific NEW learning strategies you might try to help you address potential barriers to personal and academic development (e.g., start meditating to address difficulties in focusing on homework assignments; work on assertiveness skills). 2 points


4.  Identify at least two campus resources that you could utilize to help address any barriers to learning.  2 points

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