bio 330 module 1 homework



Directions: Review the webpage from PBS called “Great Wall Across the Yangtze.”  Particularly read the tabs associated with the controversy (  After you have read the PBS website further research the dam.  Then write a two to four page position paper: Is the Three Gorges Dam doing more good than bad?


The paper must be in proper APA format, have a references section, and site at least 2 peer reviewed articles.  Please use AAU’s LIRN Library to search for these articles.  You may utilize the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for a concise guide on how to use LIRN and for APA formatting guidelines.




Directions: Use the United States Forest Service web page on Ecosystem Provinces to answer the three questions below.  Please ensure that each response is at least 2 to 3 sentences in length.


1.         In what ecosystem province is Charleston, SC?

2.         What is the predominant land-surface form in this province?

3.         What is the moisture deficit?

4.         What are the indicator species?

5.         From what ecosystem province do you come?

6.         If you were to walk NW from Charleston and arrive at the Great Lakes, through what ecosystem provinces would you pass?

7.         What is the difference between an ecosystem and a biome?  Why might someone find it more useful to use the concept of ecosystem or ecosystem provinces as shown here?  Describe a situation in which it might be more useful to use the concept of biomes.

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