dr dan week 3 discussion


My topic of choice is Nurses. !-2 pages is all that is needed. This is for a discussion due Friday.


Consider the following questions:


  • What are the most important issues or challenges for this profession that relate to workforce planning? (Your group must identify at least one significant issue or challenge for this assignment.)
  • What aspects of the history or characteristics of this profession contribute to each challenge?
  • For each challenge, what similarities and differences can be identified from local, national, and international perspectives?
  • How does the knowledge of economics and policy that you have gained from previous courses in this MHA program inform your understanding of each challenge?
  • What strategies related to workforce planning would you recommend to address each challenge? Evaluate the intended and unintended consequences of each strategy that you recommend.
  • Why is it important for health care managers to be aware of these challenges and their implications for workforce planning?


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