final paper information technology

Please do not take this assignment if you are not able to devote the time and present a plagiarism free quality paper.

This is an Information Technology assignment that is not due until 12/8/14. However, I wanted to give ample time for the individual to do the assignment because it requires someone with technical skills and a lot of critical thinking, as well probably someone who is detailed and very through. I would like the assignment completed at least 1 day prior to the due date to allow time for a review of the document and any changes if needed.

The assignment calls for the use of one scholarly reference from the institution library where I attend and I have therefore included a listing of several authors from the library on the topic of information technology, however, only one author from the library needs to be reference in the paper with the other references of choice.  

If you have any questions at any time during the assignment please let me know and please keep me posted as to how the assignment is coming alone.

Thank you

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