need help 8 12 page operations management paper

Each student will choose an organization that sells goods of some sort. The learner will complete the following in regard to operations management for that organization. Student will present their findings in an 8-12 page, double-spaced paper.
• History and background of the organization, also including the types of goods sold and industry in which the organization operates.
• The organization’s supply chain characteristics – type of supply chain, negotiations strategies, performance of the supply chain, and areas for improvement.
• Approach to maintaining a competitive advantage, and if applicable the global business operations strategy.
• The organizations’ production processes, customer interaction in those processes, if applicable, and the technologies used in production.
• The organization’s commitment to quality and excellence and how that is measured and reported.
• The organization’s inventory methodologies and model(s), and any areas for improvement.
• The organization’s operational planning policies, job designs, and work environment issues, if any.
• The organization’s movements, if any, toward lean processes, and the effects of those lean processes on culture, efficiency, and success.

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