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solution to psyc 354 Homework 7EXCEL HOMEWORK 7 (70 PTS POSSIBLE) Research Question:A clinical psychologist is treating 25 patients with clinical depression. She wants to find out whether these patients score differently than the general population on an emotional response scale with a population mean μ = 9.5. She is only interested in whether there is a difference, but not in the direction of the difference at this point. Open the “Data Set 7” attachment under the “Excel Homework 7” header located in the Assignment Instructions folder and perform a single-sample t-test to evaluate this hypothesis. 1. State the null and alternative (research) hypothesis in symbolic form. Remember that your hypothesis should include evaluators such as =, [removed] or a combination of these.(7 pts) 2. Remember that we are only doing 2-tailed t-tests at this point. 3. Fill in the cells for the degrees of freedom andμ, which are already known. These will be used in formulas as shown in this week’s presentation. (7 pts) 4. In the appropriate cell in the table, compute the standard deviation of the sample (s) using the steps shown in this module/week’s presentation. (7 pts) 5. Fill in the sample mean (M), using the AVERAGE function for the raw scores on the left. (7 pts) 6. We are going to test our hypothesis at the .01 level of significance. Enter the alpha value in the appropriate cell. (7 pts) 7. Find the critical t value for our test, based on the alpha level, using the TINV function as shown in this module/week’s presentation. Remember that we are running a two-tailed test, so no change to the alpha level is needed. (7 pts) 8. Compute the sample t score using the steps gone over in this week’s presentation. (7 pts) 9. Fill in the critical p-value based on your alpha level. (7 pts) 10. Compute your sample’s p-value (based on your sample’s t score) by using the TDIST function as shown in this module/week’s presentation. (7 pts) 11. Answer the 2 questions underneath the second table directly in Data Set 7, after each question as indicated. (Questions = 3.5 points each for total of 7 pts.)

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