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Professional ethics and the proper behavior of employees is a cornerstone of any successful organization. Information technology (IT) professionals are involved in supporting organizational needs and goals as well as the employees in an organization. IT staff often have access to sensitive information. The IT professional must conduct him- or herself beyond approach.

Consider how unethical behavior in an organization can cause legal issues.

Review the following standardized code of ethics and their conduct statements as defined by associations of IT professionals:

After reviewing the 3 codes listed above, prepare a Word document that addresses the following:

  • Describe your observations regarding the similarities and differences between the codes of ethics.
  • Choose 2 of the conduct statements and specify your thoughts regarding legal issues that might arise in the event that individuals behaved counter to what is specified.
  • Explain the value of a code of ethics and why you believe a code of ethics is necessary.

Prepare your work in a Word document using Times New Roman 12 point font, APA style (title page, abstract, citations, and references) with valid scholarly resources.


Association for Computing Machinery. (n.d.). Software engineering code of ethics and professional practice. Retrieved from

Association of Information Technology Professionals. (n.d.). Code of ethics. Retrieved from

Network Professional Association. (2007, November 12). About NPA: Code of ethics. Retrieved from

Prepare your work in a Word document with APA style (title page, abstract, citations, and references). Use valid and scholarly resources.

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