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Week 4 Discussion


Your ISP


What type of Internet access do you have at home?  Why do you choose that?  Are there other alternatives and if so, what are they?

What are the published speeds on your Internet access?  How does it compare with the actual speed (do your own speed test)?

What are some of the issues that you have encountered with your current Internet access and provider? 


Business ISP

 Description: for ‘Business ISP’

Even with the wide availability of Cable and DSL (not to mention low cost), most in the corporate world use different types of Internet access.

Why do you think they are not using Cable or DSL?  What are some of the issues with these home-based Internet service?

What are some of the Internet services that are used in the corporate world?  What are their speeds?  How much are they? 


Securing Wi-Fi Networks

One of the biggest issues with a Wi-Fi network is security.

Compare and contrast some of the options or technologies available to secure a Wi-Fi network.  What are the benefits of using each of these technologies?  Be specific and provide details.

Do you employ these in your own home Wi-Fi network?  If not, why?

Are these technologies able to provide 100% security to your Wi-Fi network?  Are there still holes?  Can you think of a scenario where, even after using these technologies, somebody who wanted to hack into your network can still do it?  How can they do it? 

Weak Wireless Signal

You receive a complaint from the store that they cannot print on network color printer which is located on the third floor. Recently you made changes and connected the printer through a wireless router. You can resolve this issue by wiring but you do not want to do that. What can you do to resolve this problem within wireless technology? Explain your answer.


 Description: for ‘PSTN vs. VoIP’

More and more people are starting to not have a PSTN connection to their home for phone service anymore and instead relying on VoIP.

What are the differences between PSTN and VoIP?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them?

Do you have VoIP?  If yes, share your experience with it.  And if you are happy with it, what would you say to somebody who is considering VoIP for their home phone? 




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