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ENG 10000 Essay #4: Writing to Convince/Position Essay 

Writing Assignment

Although persuasive writing is a common expectation in university courses, it plays an even larger role in professional, civic, and personal settings. When you write to persuade, you need to have a specific purpose in mind, a strong sense of your audience, and an idea of what might be an effective way to persuade that audience. In this persuasive essay, you need to make a point and provide sufficient evidence to support that point, with the goal of persuading your readers to agree with your position. Select a controversial problem or issue from your academic or civic life and craft an argument that convinces readers that your position on the issue is valid.

Rhetorical Knowledge


 In order to be successful in convincing your readers, you must analyze their knowledge of and attitudes toward your topic.


 The purpose in writing a persuasive essay is often two-fold: (1) writing to persuade your audience to buy into your point of view; and (2) a call to action – what do you want your audience to do as a result?

Rhetorical Situation

 Your relationship as a writer to your readers (audience), your subject, your purpose, and your motivation (call to write) are all factors that must be taken into account when writing to persuade others.

Voice and tone

 Tone is very important in convincing others to adopt your viewpoint – should you come across strong? Subdued? Casual? Caustic?

Context, medium, and genre

 Think of visual aids (photographs, charts, tables, graphs) as additional evidence to support your written position.

Possible Scenarios 

Academic Argument

Select a controversial issue or problem, perhaps an issue that stems from one of your classes or a article, and compose a paper convincing readers that your position on the issue is valid. For example, in a Business Ethics course you might convince your readers that the threat of criminal punishment is an effective way of preventing insider trading of stocks, or you might convince them that establishing a company-wide Internet policy and installing monitoring software will minimize personal Internet use in the workplace, hence increasing employee productivity while reducing business costs. 

Civic Argument

Write an editorial for your college newspaper in which you identify a campus problem that also affects the surrounding community and then persuade your readers that the problem exists and that it needs to be taken seriously and dealt with.

Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing Strategies

 Craft a clearly stated, arguable claim—know your message and purpose

 Present your issue in a compelling way

 Be aware of your audience(s)

 Provide sufficient reasons AND evidence for those reasons

 Use rhetorical appeals effectively (ethos, pathos, logos)

 Acknowledge and discuss other perspectives on the issue

Organizational Template I (just a suggestion—be creative!)

Intro—define topic, thesis/focus statement

Body—provide necessary background info, present your position and provide

support/evidence, present opposing or differing positions/opinions (naysayers)


Conclusion—sum up, call audience/readers to action, etc…

Organizational Template II (just a suggestion—be creative!)

Intro—define topic, thesis/focus statement

Body—provide necessary background info, present opposing or differing positions/opinions 

(naysayers), present your position and provide support/evidence as it relates to and 

differs from others’ positions/opinions

Conclusion—sum up, call audience/readers to action, etc… 

Grading and Submission Guidelines

reflect MLA format and You should have at least 6 sources listed on your MLA Works Cited page (at least 4 of the 6 sources should be academic/scholarly sources, and 2 or more can be pseudo-academic or non-academic sources, i.e. NYT articles, Time articles, videos, photos, etc).

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