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Write a 75-100 word response to each of the bulleted questions below. Each question must have its own response and meet the minimum word count.


    1. Summarize the steps in making “rational” decisions.
    2. Evaluate the pros and cons of using a group to make decisions.
    3. Identify procedures to use in leading a decision-making group
    4. Explain how to encourage creative decisions.
    5. Define the difference between rhetoric and argument
    6. Identify and critique the use of stereotypes, innuendo, and loaded questions
    7. Name and discuss fallacies that appeal directly to emotion
    8. Discuss fallacies that misrepresent an opponent’s position
    9. Think about the last time you made a big decision at work. Where you part of a panel of decision makers or did you make the decision alone? When do you feel the most comfortable?











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